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Slayers Wanted

Do you want to save money on every order while also earning Slayer Cash?
Do you use Instagram?

If the answer is yes, then we want your help!

How it works:
Basically we set you up with your own discount code for 30% off.  This code can be used an unlimited amount of times. We encourage you to share this discount code with your friends, family and followers. And of course it can be used by you to save money on all your orders.

In addition to saving 30% on all of your orders, you will also be earning Slayer Cash. For every $100 in sales your discount generates, we will send you a $25 Slayer Cash Gift Certificate via email. *Note: It does not have a $100 order, it's a total of all orders with your discount code that adds up to $100.
We are a small business and we can use all the help we can get.  If you're interested in helping us out, please fill out the form.
Once your code has been approved, I will message you through instagram (@adrianathegirl_) to let you know it's ready.